We are ToShort.de

Our project includes a large minecraft adventure server.
We are in the process of programming a huge API and building a big world
where later the whole thing will be located

ToShort.de v2 - everything new

In order to offer you the most accurate gaming experience, our team works hard. we are currently working on a large minecraft server with many functions and extras. it's about a minecraft adventure server. stay tuned!

our server versions

our server versions are all running on higher versions because we have more possibility to increase the game experience

our servers are currently running on:

  • 1.16

  • 1.17

  • 1.18


the server status

here you will always find the current server status.

  • Main Server 🔴
  • Build Server 🟢
  • Test Server 🔴

the web panel

the web panel is very important for your gaming experience later on. there you can change any things or reset your character.

in-game GUI

later many things will be controlled via ingame GUI. we will do our best to make the GUIS clear and clean


to make a game really fun, you usually play it with friends. that's why we're developing a good friends system so you can play with your best friends

open world

the whole game is played on a big island. actually you can do whatever you want. you can farm, you can fight or play the story it's up to you and your friends what you do


in this world you are connected to a caracter. that you control, you can level and upgrade this character. it is important in which direction you upgrade it. so think carefully! however, it is always possible to leave your character and start over.

anti cheat

we are in the process of programming a strong and secure anty cheat because we don't want any modders on our server. cheating won't do you any good. you can earn pretty much anything, like flying for example

take part in the tests

get the tester rank to access the build servers and see the progress


Apply for a Beta Key!